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SO what does one write in a blog I wonder? I have just come back from the funeral of a mate of mine, do you want to hear about that? probably not, although it did have its amusing side, and the wake is still probably going strong.

I was puzzled the other day by a couple who brought in one of our vouchers for dinner. They had never been to Redcoats before and neither had the gift givers (who lived in Wales). Well I had to find out more, didn’t I!! It turned out that my diners had been walking in the Welsh mountains when the weather turned for the worst. As they made their way back they foundĀ  this couple who were a little lost, and uprepared for the bad weather. on the walk back home they must have told them where they were staying, and voila, our voucher came through their letter box in Stotfold. The power of the internet.

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  1. Paul Nicholson:

    Wishing all your staff a vey merry yuletide and a happy new year

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