Our Meeting Rooms

Room Name Dining Conference Theatre Style
Conservatory 50 40 90
The Victorian Room 24 16 30
The Oak Room 16 12 10

The Victorian room – A well-lit room, with a west facing bay window. This, plus a single window, allows a lovely breeze on a warm summer day. In the winter the coal fire is a very welcome sight. This room will hold 15 -18 easily around a boardroom table. There are plenty of power points available.

The Oak – This panelled & beamed room, cool in the summer & cosy in the winter, with its open fire, is ideal for the smaller meeting. The central table seats 10-12 people. A small garden serves as a great place for coffee break or the odd cigarette- I’m sure some of you still smoke?

In the summer the main garden is often used as a break out area

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