June 21, 2013

What a week for anniversaries. I was checking something in the garden, when I met a couple who seemed a little lost, not unusual at Redcoats! They were looking for a particular door that they were pictured in front of, 27 years previously. We had hosted their wedding party, and shortly after that they moved to America. Later, as they paid their account for lunch, another couple joined the ‘bill’ queue and got talking, guess what, they were married here 23 years ago. No more that day, but they did ask me to tell the young couple who Liz was interviewing for their wedding next year, that all Redcoats weddings were ‘in for the long haul’!!

Later on that week another Family booked in for dinner bed & breakfast, and they wanted before and after photos taken with children to match their photos 13 years ago.

I often wonder how many pictures are out there, languishing in boxes and on side boards that would look good on our albums and Facebook pages.

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